So I often have #makeupchats with one of my best friends, Nicole, and we send each other links to new and exciting beauty products that we’d love to try or that we’ve been saving up to splurge on. Somehow we got onto the fact that we always buy new things but then forget about the ‘new thing’ we purchased only the other week! So as an effort to Shop My Stash and to spice up our daily makeup routine, we thought we’d commit to a makeup challenge. After a quick search online for one to kick start, we found that many were a little too out there and time consuming for the 9-5, full time,working girl. So I took the liberty of writing my own Work-Friendly edition that includes simple and achievable ideas for the 28 days of February.

Here’s what the final schedule looks like. Please join us – whether it’s for the whole of February or just a particular day with a challenge that you want to try. Most importantly, just have fun with it and hopefully it’ll teach you how to use a new application technique or rediscover that ‘new thing’ that you bought months ago that you forgot about. Share your daily challenge on Instagram using #natsmakeupchallenge, and tell us what products you used and if you’d wear the look again.

Enjoy Nat xo



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