Milk Makeup


Just discovered a new makeup brand. Based in NY. It was featured in a Sephora eNewsletter I receive daily. Looks fun!

Milk Makeup

I love their logo and how easily it can be applied across collateral and packaging. One product that I find intriguing in the Eye Vinyl; a glossy eye colour pigment. From the video, the texture looks quite sticky but the product’s description emphasises that it’s not. I like the idea of glossy eyelids for a night-out look, or swept on as eyeliner.

The white and grey matte packaging looks really nice. Up-market and trendy, and allows for the colours of the product to really show off.

The video tutorials are cute but are very short! I like to see detail and instruction.

Love the concept of the brand. I hope it makes its way to Australia soon :D


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