Milk Makeup


Just discovered a new makeup brand. Based in NY. It was featured in a Sephora eNewsletter I receive daily. Looks fun!

Milk Makeup

I love their logo and how easily it can be applied across collateral and packaging. One product that I find intriguing in the Eye Vinyl; a glossy eye colour pigment. From the video, the texture looks quite sticky but the product’s description emphasises that it’s not. I like the idea of glossy eyelids for a night-out look, or swept on as eyeliner.

The white and grey matte packaging looks really nice. Up-market and trendy, and allows for the colours of the product to really show off.

The video tutorials are cute but are very short! I like to see detail and instruction.

Love the concept of the brand. I hope it makes its way to Australia soon :D


Day 3: No Makeup Makeup Look

Not to be mistaken for going absolutely bare-faced, today’s challenge is all about enhancing your features using colours that naturally occur with your skin tone.

A huge shout out to my good friend Dayna who is all the way in the UK and has taken on the challenge!! She sent me this video tutorial on how to achieve a No Makeup Makeup Look. It was very helpful – check it out!

No Makeup Look Tutorial – Lisa Eldridge

My daily looks will be posted on my Instagram. You can follow me @nattyng or just search #natsmakeupchallenge to see daily challenge looks. Enjoy! xo

Oh and P.S. Tomorrow’s challenge is Bright Lip: Matte! So make sure your lips are in tip top shape by using a lip scrub, or simply apply a layer of lip balm and use a toothbrush to slough away the dry skin on your lips. With smooth lips, your matte lippie is less likely to look flaky and dry.


So I often have #makeupchats with one of my best friends, Nicole, and we send each other links to new and exciting beauty products that we’d love to try or that we’ve been saving up to splurge on. Somehow we got onto the fact that we always buy new things but then forget about the ‘new thing’ we purchased only the other week! So as an effort to Shop My Stash and to spice up our daily makeup routine, we thought we’d commit to a makeup challenge. After a quick search online for one to kick start, we found that many were a little too out there and time consuming for the 9-5, full time,working girl. So I took the liberty of writing my own Work-Friendly edition that includes simple and achievable ideas for the 28 days of February.

Here’s what the final schedule looks like. Please join us – whether it’s for the whole of February or just a particular day with a challenge that you want to try. Most importantly, just have fun with it and hopefully it’ll teach you how to use a new application technique or rediscover that ‘new thing’ that you bought months ago that you forgot about. Share your daily challenge on Instagram using #natsmakeupchallenge, and tell us what products you used and if you’d wear the look again.

Enjoy Nat xo


10 Essential Beauty Products

Not a definitive list but these products are what I use on a daily basis.

1. Argan/Rosehip Oil
I wanted to simplify my skincare routine and instead of layering products on, I wanted one product that could be used on my face and eye area, day and night. Rosehip and Argan Oil are great natural sources of fatty acids and antioxidants to moisturise skin with age defying benefits – and you can even use Argan Oil in your hair! I was using Rosehip Oil and loved it but have since jumped onto Argan Oil as I was testing stuff for work, and now love Argan Oil too. Argan scores more marks though because you can use it for your hair.
Choice of Product: SHE Anti-Aging Rosehip Oil and SHE Argan Oil Serum (coming soon)

2. Body Oil
My skin can get really dry especially throughout winter but I’ve found that body butters, as sweet and deliciously scented as they are, irritate my skin because I’m too sensitive to the fragrance. Normal sorbolene cream gets a bit boring too. Body oil, however, has a great natural scent and is a blend of natural botanical oils. With body butter/moisturiser, I’d find my skin would be so dry it’d suck it up in seconds and I’d be left feeling cracked and flaky again. However, with body oil, it leaves a bit of a residue – without feeling greasy – and slowly absorbs into my skin after applying it.
Choice of Product: I was using SHE Bio-Active Oil but now I’m trying SHE Relax Miracle Body Oil which is a blend of Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Sweet Orange and Sandalwood.

3. Primer Primer is a great product but is often overlooked. I like to use primer because it gives my foundation something to adhere to. As someone who gets little bit shiny over the course of the day, without primer I feel like my makeup is sliding around my face. The primer I use helps to mattify my skin and fills in fine lines creating a smooth base before I apply my foundation.
Choice of Product: SHE Pure Magic Primer

4. Lip Balm
This is an absolute MUST-HAVE! Of the 10 products I’m listing, if I ever forgot to apply or pack that product into my makeup bag, I can do without for the day or week but lip balm is the one thing I desperately need when my lips get dry and cracked.
Choice of Product: None in particular – I’ll use any and every lip balm and I haven’t had any allergic reactions to any as yet. At the moment I’m using a Makeup Store Lip Trio which includes a lip balm, lip scrub and lipstick remover.

5. Eyelash Curler
Technically not a product but a makeup tool. A girlfriend once asked me if it was worth the splurge to buy a Shu Uemura lash curler and I said that I used my mini plastic curler I bought in Hong Kong just as much as I used my Shu one. HOWEVER I take back what I said because I broke my mini plastic curler the other day mid-way through squeezing my lashes. I’m lucky that a bit of plastic didn’t ping into eye. This is the second one I’ve broken now.
Choice of Product: Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler

6. Mascara
Fortunately, being Asian my eyelashes are already jet black but anything to make my eyes look bigger and more open! (Hence the lash curler too)
Choice of Product: Turns out I’m allergic to an ingredient in some mascaras resulting in allergic conjunctivitis but my safe go-to’s are Lancôme’s Hypnose Precious Cells, Virtuose and Hypnose Doll Eyes.

7. Cleansing Oil
I prefer using an oil to break down and remove makeup because I find normal makeup removers can be quite astringent. I also find that it removes more efficiently. I can apply it once and wipe off all my makeup without having to follow it with a foaming/normal cleanser.
Choice of Product: Sasa brand Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil – Lavender & Green Tea 

8. Hair Masque
My hair has been so damaged by heat styling and is generally on the dryer side. I don’t ever straighten it or curl it these days but the damage has been done. I’ve since been trying to repair it and the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair is to use a hair masque at least once a week. I still get split ends – I could be washing it too often – but it feels so much softer than before.
Choice of Product: Agadir Argan Oil Hair Mask or SHE Hair Masque with Argan Oil – For Dry & Damaged Hair

9. Gel Liner
I used to be a big fan of liquid eyeliner and would prefer that over eye pencils. I jumped onto the gel liner bandwagon a little late but when I did I couldn’t believe how much superior it was to liquid eyeliner! You still get solid pay-off with gel but without the flakiness, and the consistency is so much easier to apply.
Choice of Product: I currently use black gel liner by Coral Colours and SHE but they don’t make any other shades. I’m looking to buy a cobalt blue and purple in another (more luxury) brand.

10. Pimple Cream
My skin is way better now in my 20’s than it ever was in my teens but the odd spot will appear when it comes to that time of the month. I’ve gotten out of the habit of popping them (somewhat) but the ol’ pimple cream – though it can sting a little at times – is so handy for a quick fix.
Choice of Product: Biotherm Pure-Fect Skin Anti-Imperfections Targeted Solution

Dangerous Affair

Dangerous Affair So I finally got ’round to painting my nails the colour behind door no. 2 of my Mini Mani Month! Even before applying the colour, I loved the shade already! This one is called Dangerous Affair; a seductive crimson in a cream finish. The first coat I applied was quite streaky and wasn’t fully opaque but once I applied the second coat I got full coverage. One thing I’m loving about Ciate’s polishes so far is how quickly they dry! Which is important because it usually takes me twice as long to paint my nails as I’m prone to knocking/scraping/bumping them into stationary objects and ruining the colour before it’s set! photo

Cupcake Queen


Nicole and I were going to share a Ciate Mini Mani Month as Christmas gifts to each other but by the time the whole process of Ness purchasing it and passing it onto me, it multiplied and we ended up acquiring one set each!! But of course it was because Myer has having a super Christmas sale and Ness always has another 15% off up her sleeve. Even without the discounts, you save over $100 for the Ciate pack. Such good value! Unfortunately with the rush of finishing up work for the year and Christmas too quickly arriving, I wasn’t able to organise the both of us receiving our Mini Mani sets in time to actually open them as an advent calendar. Not even on Christmas Day. But I think we got there a few days later. The good thing was, since we were no longer counting down to Christmas we could unveil ALL the colours in the one hit! So the Mini Mani set includes 20 of Ciate’s best selling colours, 4 Caviar pots (and the cute little funnel!) and 3 Mystery paint pots exclusive to the gift set. First up is Cupcake QueenA loveable Barbie pink shade with a very subtle blue shimmer. Reach for this bright colour to exude feel good vibes to the world. Team this with a sunny vibrant personality. I’ve never tried Ciate paint pots before but had heard good things about the brand and marvelled at their innovation kits; Caviar, Velvet and just saw some Colour Foils last night! So here’s a run down of my first experience: Size: In my opinion, the mini’s are just the right size as I tend to buy colours on a whim and leave them sitting in a drawer/box for ages before using them a second time and thus, never get to ‘polish off’ a nail colour before it dries out and finishes itself off. The standard Ciate paint pot sizes look too generous for me! Consistency: This particular shade was very good. Nearly opaque in one coat and is forgiving when applying a second coat before the first coat had dried completely. But having said that, the polish dries very quickly anyhow. Colour: Even though Cupcake Queen is a Top 20 Best Seller, I don’t think it’s a colour that I would have ever picked out to buy myself but the added dimension of the very fine blue shimmer is what makes this hot pink more agreeable.  The great thing is that it matches the floral skirt and fuchsia Melissa heels I’m wearing today ;)

Look at me!

I don’t often find many characters in books, film or television named after me let alone shade names of any type of cosmetic but here’s an ivory nail lacquer for ya!

I’m sure the fact that Ms Bloom and I share the same first name has nothing to do with the decisions made on swatch names – it’s just coincidence!