I could keep apologising about not keeping up my posts regularly but then every entry would start the same! I’ve just been too busy!!

But I will let you in on some things I’ve been working on in between time…

Aside from working on the stationery involved in my sister’s wedding, I took on another job for two friends of mine who are getting married the same day! Regrettably I won’t be able to make it to their ceremony or reception but they did ask me if I could design their wedding program and place cards. I was so honoured by their request that I took on the job in a heartbeat. Managing two loads on top of work has been hectic but I know it’ll pay off and it’s definitely something that I enjoy doing.

Not everything is printed yet so I can’t give the final reveal but here are some screen snaps of what’s to come…





Fakin’ It

So I’m wearing Dotti’s Heart Me More dress (in navy) to my sister’s wedding ceremony. And I thought it would be cute to wear a temporary tattoo for the day since people will get a sneak peek at my bare skin. (oooOOOOooo!)

I would never get a real tattoo – mostly because I am petrified of needles. (And also because it says this in the Bible) But a temporary tattoo would just be like drawing on myself using make up. I did consider doing that but since my ‘canvas’ is on my back, it makes things a little more challenging. Then I considered getting my sister/brother/a friend to do it for me but I can’t trust my siblings to recreate whatever I might have designed/image I’d chosen to replicate since I am the creative one of the three. The ceremony also starts at 11am. Not to mention the tea ceremony beforehand so I can’t imagine any designer friends would want to drive all the way out to my ‘burbs just to draw a little something on my back. So I started to google temporary tattoos. There was a popsicle one I’d seen on a blog ages ago but I couldn’t remember who done it.

Finally, I found where the popsicle tattoo came from; – who are a collective of well-known artists and designers (including Jessica Hische and Christoph Niemann!) creating quality temporary tattoos. (And not those flaky spider web ones you get in cheap show bags).

I thought I’d go for a typographic tattoo and make a statement rather than an illustration/symbol since I’ve already got a heart shape on my back at a wedding. I trawled through a couple of their pages and found this one which I thought was cute and appropriate for the day.

I just like how it’s really simple and subtle but would still make people do a double-take to think that I had got myself inked! It would be fun to see my parents’ reactions too.

Some other – less subtle – options.

The countdown to the wedding is 8 weeks now. Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures and you’ll see the result in 2 months :)

More than I could chew

For one of my 2nd year type elective projects, I created a poster advertising a bake sale out of cookies using alphabet cookie cutters I hunted down at Myer. I thought I was pretty rad for coming up with this idea but here’s someone who did it way better than I did!

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Anna Garforth‘s folio but she does really cool things with type and moss! I especially like The Big BangWild At Heart, Ingeus, and Love Your Street (it’s got hearts!).

Well Versed

Another great link I stumbled upon in my font researching the other day…

Typographic Verses

An initiative started by Jonathan Ogden (a fantastic creative person and designer in his own right), where people can design and submit their typographic interpretation of a Bible verse in poster format.

When I looked at this website, I felt as though deep down I had been unknowingly searching for this url over the last few years. But finally I was able to set my eyes on a collection of not only great design but also to do with the Bible!! which has become increasingly more important in my walk on this earth as I read it and learn from it.

I’ve grown up in a Christian home and though that might sound like I got a head-start, I don’t think an individual realises the magnitude of God’s love for them until they go and explore that on their own and in their own faith. Going to church and Sunday school became routine in some ways because I had grown up with it and came to think that it was just the ‘good’ thing to do. We’d memorise Bible verses (well, I’d try) and hear stories but it wasn’t until recently that I really made the effort to memorise Scripture in order to claim the promises of God over my life.

I’ve made it my goal this year to write down whatever verse/bit of Scripture that really speaks to me, into my diary filling up every single page with at least one verse. And my diary is a day-to-a-page diary. So basically, every single day I need to be reading something from The Word and writing some of it down. Admittedly, I am a little bit behind on my daily reading but I’ve decided that I won’t skip over any days but just continue from where I left off. I’ve learnt that if you beat yourself up over missing a day, that’s when the devil can put a wedge in and try to stop you reading all together.

And I love this idea of creating typographic posters with the inspiration of the Bible, which I’d like to make an extension of what I’ve started personally. I’d always felt that I wasn’t really making a Godly contribution to the people in this world being surrounded by many friends and family who work in medicine and the health industry (both my parents are nurses!) who are quite literally saving lives in their day-to-day, or at the very least helping to prevent disease and illness, and therefore preserving life. But this initiative has really opened my eyes to what I might be able to do as a graphic designer in terms of adding to God’s Kingdom. I mean, at the moment, my job entails that I basically create advertising and packaging to sell cosmetic products to the masses, encouraging people to look a certain way so that they might feel a certain way. And I suppose I’m not just here to fulfil my job description but to make an impact on the people that I encounter at the office everyday, but I think that as a side project, I could really help bring The Word to life for people who don’t yet know Jesus and don’t really get what life/Christianity is all about.

Anyhow, this entry has become a little bit longer than I first anticipated. I seemed to have waffled on a little about myself and might have taken away from the fact that is an awesome website!! So I will now leave you with a few of my personal favourites of the posters submitted thus far.

(Please note that each of these images are borrowed from and are not mine. I have not given proper credit to each individual design but each image links to the their respective pages off

Wise Woods

I got a stern word from Nicole for not having updated my blog in a while and so as not to disappoint I thought I’d better get my butt back into gear.

The other day as I was researching some fonts, I came across a very useful link…

Top 20 free fonts

The selected compilation of fonts was particularly helpful because it was short listed to only 20 as opposed to some other collections of an overwhelming list of 100 fonts. The one typeface in particular that caught my eye was Wisdom Script and as I discovered, it was a typeface used for an ongoing collaborative poster series called Woods of Wisdom. Woods of Wisdom not only has a spectacular logo but if you head over to the website, you’ll find it’s very tongue in cheek and a good laugh. I also love how the type has been cut out of wood (hence the project name) and is typeset accordingly. It looks like it must have taken a lot of handiwork but the finished effect is well worth it!


Enjoying a quick browse over at Lovely Package for some inspiration and to feast my eyes on some good design. Came across this very elegant piece of typography. I love the ball terminals on the a and c and how the left foot of the n is borrowed from the a and curls up.


(Image not mine. Borrowed from