Oh man, Zimmermann!

Checking out some swimsuits by Zimmermann and don’t they have lovely prints out for this summer!!

Love, love, LOVING the Locket Frill pattern which comes in a few different styles.

I’m not a big fan of strapless bikini tops because I just don’t have the bust to keep them up! (Big crashing waves are scary for ALL sorts of reasons!) However, these prints are soooo pretty!

A really pretty one-piece cut in plum and a floral print!

More one pieces but they’re strapless… :(

This style is more of a compromise but I don’t think the print is as pretty as the others…also the back looks awkward to me…I think the bikini option works better.

(All images belong to www.zimmermannwear.com)

Just wish these were more friendly to my bank account!! The Locket Frill print is my favourite and it would be perfect if it came in the one shoulder bikini style. THEN I might actually consider buying one ;)


Fakin’ It

So I’m wearing Dotti’s Heart Me More dress (in navy) to my sister’s wedding ceremony. And I thought it would be cute to wear a temporary tattoo for the day since people will get a sneak peek at my bare skin. (oooOOOOooo!)

I would never get a real tattoo – mostly because I am petrified of needles. (And also because it says this in the Bible) But a temporary tattoo would just be like drawing on myself using make up. I did consider doing that but since my ‘canvas’ is on my back, it makes things a little more challenging. Then I considered getting my sister/brother/a friend to do it for me but I can’t trust my siblings to recreate whatever I might have designed/image I’d chosen to replicate since I am the creative one of the three. The ceremony also starts at 11am. Not to mention the tea ceremony beforehand so I can’t imagine any designer friends would want to drive all the way out to my ‘burbs just to draw a little something on my back. So I started to google temporary tattoos. There was a popsicle one I’d seen on a blog ages ago but I couldn’t remember who done it.

Finally, I found where the popsicle tattoo came from; tattly.com – who are a collective of well-known artists and designers (including Jessica Hische and Christoph Niemann!) creating quality temporary tattoos. (And not those flaky spider web ones you get in cheap show bags).

I thought I’d go for a typographic tattoo and make a statement rather than an illustration/symbol since I’ve already got a heart shape on my back at a wedding. I trawled through a couple of their pages and found this one which I thought was cute and appropriate for the day.

I just like how it’s really simple and subtle but would still make people do a double-take to think that I had got myself inked! It would be fun to see my parents’ reactions too.

Some other – less subtle – options.

The countdown to the wedding is 8 weeks now. Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures and you’ll see the result in 2 months :)

Feathers on Etsy

With a friend’s wedding to attend this coming Saturday, I thought I’d buy myself a little feathered shrug/capelet thinking I could just get a cheapo one at your local Diva or Equip. Turns out they’re a little rarer than that. And dearer too. I did find some on Etsy that I liked but all are way out of my budget and with the day creeping up sooner than I thought, I think I’ll have to settle on something I’ve already got to go with my pink Bec&Bridge dress unless Nicole and I find something on Friday night.

In the meantime, I can make a note of these for a future wedding day of my own perhaps…? Well maybe not the black ones but the one whites are lovely. If you ignore the freaky mannequin.

 (I do not own any of these images. All images link to their respective Etsy pages.)


Just as I keep enticing Nicole with cat-related everythings, she just sent me links to some cute cardi’s on sale at Glassons. These are a little more attainable than our previous find.

Available in black, white, mint and pink but I like these 3 in particular. There’s a special offer going; 2 for $50. Can’t it just be 3 for $50? Or buy 2, get 1 free??

Berry Pretty

Ms. Fetherston, you’ve done it again! Her new fall collection features more stunning new dresses and gowns.

This strapless chiffon piece looks gorgeous in Passionberry. Probably my favourite piece in the new Fall collection for its style, detail and colour but there are many other notable designs that you can view here.


Right. So I’ve prohibited myself from ‘browsing’ on Asos lately as there have been various outstanding payments (not the good kind) still to be made on my car. I’ve paid off the vehicle itself – hooray! However, there are still two other things called Insurance and Registration which you may have heard of. Not to mention a previous insurance claim made on Mum’s car (before it became mine) to which I am responsible. Oops.

Since Asos has been off limits, I haven’t bothered to venture elsewhere. Until Ness informed me of Myer’s Stocktake Sale. She forwarded me the newsletter and an innocent little peak at what was on offer at Miss Shop turned into a whole folder of screen grabs on my desktop. As if I couldn’t grab them straight off the racks, I had to do this virtually.

No, I didn’t make any real purchases but these would be really great additions to a winter wardrobe…

Look. But don’t touch Nat.