Fakin’ It

So I’m wearing Dotti’s Heart Me More dress (in navy) to my sister’s wedding ceremony. And I thought it would be cute to wear a temporary tattoo for the day since people will get a sneak peek at my bare skin. (oooOOOOooo!)

I would never get a real tattoo – mostly because I am petrified of needles. (And also because it says this in the Bible) But a temporary tattoo would just be like drawing on myself using make up. I did consider doing that but since my ‘canvas’ is on my back, it makes things a little more challenging. Then I considered getting my sister/brother/a friend to do it for me but I can’t trust my siblings to recreate whatever I might have designed/image I’d chosen to replicate since I am the creative one of the three. The ceremony also starts at 11am. Not to mention the tea ceremony beforehand so I can’t imagine any designer friends would want to drive all the way out to my ‘burbs just to draw a little something on my back. So I started to google temporary tattoos. There was a popsicle one I’d seen on a blog ages ago but I couldn’t remember who done it.

Finally, I found where the popsicle tattoo came from; tattly.com – who are a collective of well-known artists and designers (including Jessica Hische and Christoph Niemann!) creating quality temporary tattoos. (And not those flaky spider web ones you get in cheap show bags).

I thought I’d go for a typographic tattoo and make a statement rather than an illustration/symbol since I’ve already got a heart shape on my back at a wedding. I trawled through a couple of their pages and found this one which I thought was cute and appropriate for the day.

I just like how it’s really simple and subtle but would still make people do a double-take to think that I had got myself inked! It would be fun to see my parents’ reactions too.

Some other – less subtle – options.

The countdown to the wedding is 8 weeks now. Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures and you’ll see the result in 2 months :)



Just as I keep enticing Nicole with cat-related everythings, she just sent me links to some cute cardi’s on sale at Glassons. These are a little more attainable than our previous find.

Available in black, white, mint and pink but I like these 3 in particular. There’s a special offer going; 2 for $50. Can’t it just be 3 for $50? Or buy 2, get 1 free??


Thanks to my growing obsession with heart-shaped-everythings, my faithful friends are also on the scout for me and send me links to lovely things…

This one is thanks to Nicole :)

But unfortunately, as she pointed out to me, they don’t ship overseas :( Wah!