I could keep apologising about not keeping up my posts regularly but then every entry would start the same! I’ve just been too busy!!

But I will let you in on some things I’ve been working on in between time…

Aside from working on the stationery involved in my sister’s wedding, I took on another job for two friends of mine who are getting married the same day! Regrettably I won’t be able to make it to their ceremony or reception but they did ask me if I could design their wedding program and place cards. I was so honoured by their request that I took on the job in a heartbeat. Managing two loads on top of work has been hectic but I know it’ll pay off and it’s definitely something that I enjoy doing.

Not everything is printed yet so I can’t give the final reveal but here are some screen snaps of what’s to come…






Last Friday Nicole and I were emailing back and forth as per usual when she told me about the NARS purchase she’d recently bought so I had a look at some of the products NARS have on their website when it suddenly occurred to me that their logo could easily be translated into my own name with the difference of one letter!! And thus this began…

Over-taking the world, brand by brand!

At first I only changed the NARs logo to my own name because I knew just by looking at it, what the font used was (Helvetica Neue Light) then I went one step further as a joke and transformed MAC’s logo to my name as well when Nicole grew a little jealous that her name wasn’t in anything yet but then she managed to find a brand quite fitting to her name. And from that the others came to fruition.

Can you work out what the original logotypes were?


Finally knuckling down on my sister’s wedding invitations. Time is running low but more so for the Bride-to-be who has yet to confirm a venue ready for a November wedding. But we started breaking ground this afternoon by deciding a colour scheme and custom typographic motif for the couple’s first initials, V&W to be applied to the wedding stationery. After some initial sketching, I visited my old friend FontLab to start digitising the glyphs needed. I’m looking forward to seeing this all come together. So is Ness. Minus the stress.