10 Things that Annoy Me

Warning: Content includes a whole bunch of #firstworldproblems

1. Being able to hear people eat.
I understand if your carrot sticks are crunchy and I can hear you munch on them even as you try to eat them quietly, but I can’t stand when someone is being lazy/rude by chewing with their mouth open and I can hear lip smacking kinda noises as you enjoy the taste of your food while I’m repulsed at the sound of it.

2. Incorrectly using should of/would of/could of
When it is in fact should have, would have, could have. Confusing you’re/your and their/there/they’re etc are also cringe-worthy but the Ofs take the cake because it doesn’t even make sense when you follow should/would/could with of – never mind even putting it into a sentence.

3. Getting gum stuck to my shoe
In the words of Yzma, These are my best shoes!! I mostly get annoyed at myself though for not looking at where I’m walking and what I’m walking on.

4. Not being able to sleep/getting woken in the night
I wouldn’t say I have a sleep problem but compared to some I appear to be a light sleeper. The main living room is just outside my bedroom so I can often hear the tv still on and my family laughing (like hyenas), or I can hear my brother using the bathroom which shares a wall with my bedroom when he finally calls it a night at 3am.

5. Boring AS Facebook statuses
Ok, this really shouldn’t bother me because I have the power to ignore them but Ergh! Don’t clog up my news feed with mundane comments about your day. As a result, I hardly ever update my status unless I think it would make someone laugh or think more deeply about the world. I think it annoys me because whoever writes these dull-as-dog-poo statuses probably think they’re gold nuggets but they’re not!

6. Not having enough boob
to fill out swimwear. I can get away with it wearing everyday clothes because I wear a bra underneath but there aren’t many swimwear options that comes with support and a confidence boost.

7. Waxing your legs and then discovering you’ve missed a lot of hairs!
But not enough that you’d start the waxing process again so then you resort to shaving the remaining hairs which completely defeats the purpose of choosing to wax instead.

8. Bad exchange rates
The AUD only seems to go down when I’m planning on going overseas and need to get money exchanged. Go up to 90 already! Please!

9. Freshly painted nails that you are so careful not to knock and then BANG!
And the 2 hours you just spent painting them from base to top coat is RUINED!

10. When people are jerks.
No further explanation needed.


10 Embarrassing Moments

1. When the cubicle door of the public toilet swung open…
and someone walked in and saw me pants down, on the john. I was only early primary school-aged so I could kind of get away with it without it being trashy or publicly indecent but I was still old enough to feel mortified. I remember it was at some outdoor festival and the toilets were in a trailer. I was busting to go and my particular cubicle had a faulty lock/door but I thought if I shut it gently it would stay closed but a gust of wind must have come through the trailer, and swung open my cubicle door – presumable when this older girl walked in and saw me and was just like …whaaat?

2. When I started the song in a completely wrong key…
song-leading at church one morning. I’ve done this on a couple of occasions now. I sing it fine during rehearsal but then something happens during the service, the sound goes all muddy and I can’t hear the chord/key that the song is in but I have to start singing so I just sing in what I think is the right key and soon enough I hear myself and realise I’m in the complete wrong key. I look around to the band members – or my brother – for some help but they give me nothing so eventually it gets to a break before the pre-chorus or chorus hits and I get a chance to re-tune myself.

3. When I sang in the right key but started the song too early…
– again song-leading at church one morning. And of course at that moment I happened to catch the eye of one of my mates and we had this giggle between each other. Only, I’m on stage and everyone can see and hear me laugh through my microphone. I thought my brother was leaving out the intro riff so we could launch straight into the song, since he’d taken some time to start playing it, so I thought I would start singing the first verse only to have him cut me off by blasting the intro riff. Sigh. *hangs head*

4. When I asked someone new to me at church if it was their first time visiting…
and it turns out they’ve been coming along for 3 months. I am so socially awkward. This is why I’m on the Creative Team (band) and not the Connection Team where you interact with newbies. As a general rule, we are reminded to introduce ourselves with I haven’t met you before, I am [insert name] to avoid panicking and blurting out Is this your first time? I’ve never seen you before only to reveal how little attention you pay to newcomers and visitors.

5. When I found a fat, ugly spider crawling across my steering wheel…
and I totally freaked out with a non-family member passenger in the car. We were returning from a Creative Team dinner out in Warrandyte and I’d been there once before but it was my first time driving out there. In the dark. I was fine with that and we made our way home without having to detour at all, however, 10mins away from home, Mum and the friend were chatting when I see the spider in the passing street light glow through the car, crawling across my steering wheel – centimetres away from my hands!! I flip and let go of the steering wheel letting out a cry and Mum and the friend are puzzled at my panic. I managed to blurt out There’s a spider on my steering wheel!! and Mum spots it too and flicks it off – I see it smoosh against my CD/radio – I fight everything in me that wants to brake the car suddenly and simultaneously veer off the road and manage to safely pull over into a side street where I jump out of the car to take a few deep breaths and see with my own eyes that the spider has indeed been squashed and pronounced dead.

6. When my brother’s mate’s dad pointed out how long my toes are…
and they couldn’t have looked more noticeable than they did then with my toenails freshly painted in red. And there was no quick change of subject because the mate’s dad was amazed and perplexed and proceeded to stare and point at them like I was a circus freak! *cries*

7. When I’ve looked into the mirror and noticed my lipstick has smeared/dried up/unevenly worn away after speaking to an attractive guy…
and I looked like a toddler that had gotten a hold of her mum’s lippy. I like to wear bright bold colours too. And look like a clown :(

8. When my boyfriend at the time told me I needed to clean/blow my nose…
and I couldn’t blame it on a cold. *proceeds to blow nose and awkwardly check in the reflection of my iPhone if all was clear*

9. When I stacked my bike in front of the boy I used to have a crush on in primary school…
and he reminded me when I saw him at school that week. Not even the day after when it would have been fresh in his mind still but a few days after that and he only knew me as the girl who goes bike riding with her parents (who were only walking) and stacks it.

10. When I slipped on a flyer and face planted at Sydney airport…
and an attractive guy came to my aid but handed me back the flyer that I slipped on saying Oh, you dropped this!
ARGH! My life!


Today is October. And to celebrate the 10th month of the year, but also as an exercise for myself to get into a habit of blogging regularly – I’m going to be listing 10 things about 10 things over this next month before I embark on My Great Adventure. I have 31 days to write 10 posts, so that’s about one post every 3 days. Seems achievable! Here goes…

10 Basic but Interesting (maybe) Facts about me.

1. My older sister named me.
And if it wasn’t for her, my dad would have dubbed me Natasha. And not just the usual way of saying it but it would have been Natarsha (still spelt as Natasha). Thank goodness even a 5 year old had more sense than that! I’ve got nothing against anyone who does have that name – I have yet to meet a Natarsha – but can you imagine what a drainer it would be constantly correcting people. As if I don’t get enough of that (see 3).

2. My middle name is my Chinese name.
It is not a direct translation of Natalie into Cantonese but it is a substitute for when I’m being addressed by Cantonese speaking relatives/friends. It was chosen by my paternal grandfather who apparently consulted the stars and his gods above to determine the correct strokes that aligned with my birth date and zodiac year to become the name that is Yee Onn which is how my parents have decided to spell it in English but in Cantonese it is actually pronounced more phonetically as Yu Orn (in an Australian accent that is).

3. My most frequently asked question is “How do you say your last name?”
If I was given a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this, I wouldn’t be driving my mum’s old Toyota. But in all seriousness, although I often say my last name is N.G./en jee, it is properly pronounced just as it is spelt, ng. But not in a constipated way! As that would be spelt nnnnnnnngggggggg!!!

4. I lived out of home for 17 months.
I am back living at my parents’ place now but I always knew my move out of home was only temporary. The experience taught me a lot about budgeting and life skills, and generally gave me a taste of what life would be like once I get married and leave the nest for real. People have commented that moving back home with your parents will be a tough transition but in all honesty, I don’t mind living back at home. It takes the financial pressure off, plus with a semi-retired dad, and a mum who works part-time anyway, I’m very spoilt and a lot of things get done for me. Having fended for myself just means that on the occasion that my parents are away, I can cook, clean and take care of myself.

5.  I can cook. But I can’t cook Chinese!
Despite being Asian, I’ve never really made an authentic Cantonese or Malaysian Chinese dish. Sure, I’ve thrown together noodles and stir fry but that really doesn’t count. I feel more confident making pasta or hipster foods like quinoa-stuffed capsicums and puff pastry calzones. My parents usually take care of the cooking when it comes to eating Chinese but I will often be asked to put together a quick Western meal at other times. I most definitely do not know how to make congee…

6. I have a recurring dream.
I haven’t dreamt it in a while now but it starts off as a dull grey space and then TV static begins to appear and eventually covers the whole space. It becomes more and more chaotic and the static becomes large scribbles and it feels like I’m being pushed into the larger-than-life scribbles that try to asphyxiate me. And then I wake up in a sweat.

7. I taught my younger brother how to ride a bike
After many (failed) attempts by Dad who would do the run-behind-the-bicycle, pushing from the seat then letting it go, I took the task of teaching my bro the tricks of the two wheeler. We are only 2 years apart so I didn’t have the height or speed like Dad to run after the bike but I remember showing my brother what to do on my own bike and when I asked him to copy me on his bike, he did just that and from then on knew how to mount, balance and ride a bicycle. My next challenge is teaching him how to drive. I realise this isn’t really in the same league as a bicycle but I get the feeling I’m better at explaining how to do things than my parents are…

8. My favourite household chore is ironing.
I don’t mind it because it doesn’t involve your hands getting wet, you can listen to music while you iron as it’s not loud, and it just feels so good to get wrinkles out of things!

9. I’ve never broken a bone.
And I thank God for His protection over me because I hate needles and the thought of breaking a bone and seeing a dislocation – let alone feeling the immense pain – is enough to make me wanna vom.

10. I had braces for 22 months.
From the end of Year 11 to mid-way through my first year at uni, my teeth were caged for some time to get them into line. My teeth weren’t horrendous and the reason I wanted braces was purely cosmetic, however, the orthodontist did find that some of my teeth were misaligned to the point where they would grind over each other over time and wear away the enamel. So having straight teeth wasn’t just for my good looks but also my dental health. Because of my experiences with braces, I used to have dreams where my teeth would all fall out into my mouth or that they would suddenly become crooked and worse than before I got braces! A lot of friends who have also had braces said that they’ve had similar dreams – Phew!

I’m Still Alive!!

Right. So I haven’t blogged in about FOREVER! So firstly apologies for utterly disappointing all my loyal readers. It’s not as though nothing has been going on in my life – believe me, stuff has gone d-OW-n! But rather than bore you with the details of everything, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on… (in no particular order)

– My parents went away. Again! To China on some tour in Beijing. They brought us back goods though

– Had the house to myself and my bro in that time. Didn’t do much. Just out to work and then back home to sleep. Uni friends trekked out to my ‘burbs to join me for dinner on the last night though which was lovely.

– Wedding planning/invitation dramas with Ness continue to ensue. Also had major issues with the former venue and present venue. Yes, you read correctly – the first venue fell through. THREE months before the wedding! And most recently, a verbal explosion took place between Ness and her Future In-Laws regarding additional guests and invites. I wouldn’t be surprised if on the day some sort of showdown occurred. Ness could totally take them.

– On the upside, I finished paying off my car and to celebrate, I went on a shopping spree! Which doesn’t seem to have ended as I keep buying things (clothes) here and there. Today I’m wearing the new floral skirt I bought off Asos! :D

– Work is going well too. Not sure if I’d mentioned one of the women who worked in our downstairs office had left a few months ago but now we’re saying goodbye to another lady on Friday. My marketing manager is heading over to the manufacturing side. I’ve gotten to know her much better and we get along really well so it’ll be sad to see her leave so soon.

– I got my hair trimmed/tidied up yesterday. Again, not sure if I’d mentioned earlier that I ever got it cut but I did and I received many compliments as a result. The first cut turned out to be a lot shorter than I had anticipated so I was suffering hair regret for a little while but now I’m used to it and I really like it. A lot of people have commented that my new bob really suits me. So I’ve since decided to keep it short for longer and hence, trimmed it yesterday. The guy (I think his name is Jeff/Geoff) at Preston did a really good job.

I’m pretty sure that’s everything that’s happened within the last couple of months. I shall endeavour to make a more conscious effort to blog regularly to avoid giving these random updates.

P.S. I am loving this Youtube series right now: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. A must-see for all Austen fans. Courtesy of Nicole for linking me and getting me addicted!


Last Friday Nicole and I were emailing back and forth as per usual when she told me about the NARS purchase she’d recently bought so I had a look at some of the products NARS have on their website when it suddenly occurred to me that their logo could easily be translated into my own name with the difference of one letter!! And thus this began…

Over-taking the world, brand by brand!

At first I only changed the NARs logo to my own name because I knew just by looking at it, what the font used was (Helvetica Neue Light) then I went one step further as a joke and transformed MAC’s logo to my name as well when Nicole grew a little jealous that her name wasn’t in anything yet but then she managed to find a brand quite fitting to her name. And from that the others came to fruition.

Can you work out what the original logotypes were?