Full Time

So as much as I’d like to keep this little blog of mine well updated, there is life to be lived and when such blog-worthy/significant events arise, there is a conflict of interest between blog and real life.

Anywho – my job hunt (I would hardly call myself a hunter – had I sharpened my spear perhaps I would have landed a job sooner) finally came to an end when I was offered a graphic design position at a small Australian cosmetics company. One of the directors of the company found my folio on The Loop and got in touch with me, mentioning that his company was currently in search for a new graphic designer. Naturally, emails bounced back and forth which then lead to an informal interview and before I knew it I was offered a job!

The company that I now work for is very small. With an in-house design team of one (now me!). I wasn’t even expecting to get the job given that I was so fresh out of uni (my graduation ceremony was yesterday) but it seems that the director has faith in me.

There are three main brands under the main company umbrella and we also do miscellaneous make up brands for department stores and pharmacies. The job doesn’t necessarily engulf everything that I’m good at and my passion for typography and branding, but it’s a starting point. And the director was very generous to offer me a job given my non-experience.

Now that my first week of full-time work has been completed, I’ve realised that although this is not my dream job, I’m learning a lot. Not only my technical design skills but also the transition from casual work/being a student to being in the work force and embarking on full-time employment. The good thing about this job is that the pressure is off as I still get into the swing of things, people are friendly and it’s only an 8 minute walk away from a studio that I would love to work at one day. Although I’m not there yet, I’m getting close!