2014: A Review

14 Significant Things that Happened in Twenty Fourteen. Good and bad. Exciting and trivial.

1. I celebrated my 2 Year Anniversary at my current work place.

2. I gained another house mate who was already a good friend of mine. Living with her was a great experience and it made our friendship stronger.

3. I lost that same house mate to a dang good opportunity that opened up for her in the UK. But thanks to technology, we can continue our conversation via text, voice clip or video!

4. I lost a love that I thought would make it through the storm. I will never forget our last goodbye as ‘us’ at 4am one morning.

5. I learnt to forgive and realised it’s a conscious decision you have to make daily. Forgiveness is not a feeling that you move on but a choice you make to better your life and the one who hurt you.

6. I moved back home with my parents.

7. I travelled solo for the first time. It was the best and worst. But an achievement nonetheless that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

8. I got to visit that friend/ex housemate and see in the flesh what she’d been up to since moving to the UK.

9. I went to New York! Finally! And it was everything I’d thought it’d be and more. Can’t wait to go again.

10. I ran a red light (unintentionally!) and couldn’t get out of it so I had to pay the fine and gained 3 demerit points. Lowlight.

11. I’ve realised how much fun it can be to be single! (So much free time to do nothing! hehe)

12. I’ve noticed how depressed I can get reading about everyone’s engagements, marriages and babies on Facebook.

13. I sang in front of a restaurant full of people, and then later all my work colleagues for the first time.

14. I got an iPhone 6. (I know – not a profound event to end on but whatever)